“My name’s Jørgen Schou, and Im a Senior Scientist, dr. Scient at the Technical University of Denmark and project Manager of the ALTCELL project.  On behalf of the project team, I’d like to invite you to have a look at our project page. Here you’ll find information about the project as it progresses, the partners and the publications it gives rise to.”




ALTCELL – The alternative abundant, environmentally friendly solar cell absorber on a silicon-based tandem cell.

THE OBJECTIVE of the ALTCELL project is to produce a tandem solar cell with a top layer of the earth-abundant CZTS material on a traditional monocrystalline silicon cell of commercial standard size. Currently, the main focus of the scientific community for top-layers on silicon is on hybrid perovskites with a bandgap of the right magnitude and a high efficiency, but the material degrades very fast, and contains lead.

CZTS (Cu2ZnSnS4) is an alternative promising solar cell absorber material which consists of non-toxic elements, which all are inexpensive. The material has recently reached an efficiency of 9.4 %, and this number is steadily increasing. The tandem cell will be produced in university laboratories and in collaboration with Danish companies.

The ultimate goal is to show for the first time that a monolithic, functioning tandem cell with CZTS as top layer and silicon as the bottom layer can be manufactured. The absorber layer of CZTS will be produced on location in a Danish company. This kind of tandem cell will overcome the stability problem encountered by cells with hybrid perovskites.